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Assessment Program

Spokane R-VII Assessment Program

The Spokane R-VII Board of Education supports the establishment of the district’s local assessment plan as one indication of the success and quality of the total education in the school district. With time and effort, the local assessment plan will produce:

·     A comprehensive testing program which monitors a variety of achievement targets for a variety of purposes;

·     Data-driven decision-making in regard to curriculum, assessment, instruction, and related programs;

·     Teachers and administrators who are knowledgeable about data analysis, motivating students to do well on tests, test security policies, and strategies for teaching test taking skills;

·     Increased public awareness of student achievement.

In compliance with MSIP Standards, Spokane’s local assessment plan includes:

·      A description of the tests included in the district-wide assessment program, the purpose(s) of each, and how the results will be used;

·      Guidelines for including students with special needs into the state and district-wide assessment program;

·      A description of how and in what subjects the district assesses the Show-Me Standards that are not assessed by the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP);

·      Guidelines for staff development in relation to state and local assessments;

·      Guidelines for teaching test-taking strategies;

·      The district’s test-security policy;

·      Strategies to motivate students to take required tests seriously and to recognize those who perform well on the MAP, EOC, and other examinations.

Spokane R-VII District Assessment Plan 2023-2024