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Access Crisis Intervention (ACI)

Access Crisis Intervention (ACI)

Access Crisis Intervention (ACI) 1-800-356-5395. A Division of Family Services  

 Access Crisis Intervention (ACI) provides access to services for individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis.  ACI will provide an opportunity for individuals to receive necessary behavioral health crisis services in an effort to reduce unnecessary interventions such as hospitalization or detentions. By calling the ACI hotline, individuals have access to behavioral health crisis services that are free and available to both youth and adults.  

  • All calls are strictly confidential.  

  • ACI hotlines are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by behavioral health professionals who are available to provide assistance.

  • Assistance may include phone contact, referrals to resources in the community, next-day behavioral health appointments, or a mobile response.  Mobile is defined as either going to the crisis location or to another secure community location.