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Food Service

Elementary and PreK  
Breakfast: $1.50
Lunch: $2.45

Lunch: $2.45

High School
Breakfast: $1.60
Lunch: $2.70

Breakfast: $1.95
Lunch: $4.15


Breakfast entrée: $1.20
Juice: $0.50
Lunch Entrée: $1.50
Fruit/Vegetable: $0.75
Fries/Tots: $1.50

Milk: $0.50

Ala carte items such as extra milk or juice, meal entrée, fruit or vegetable can be purchased with cash. Students will not be allowed to charge ala carte items to their food service account.


Little Owls PreSchool Menus
April Breakfast Menu
April Lunch Menu


Highlandville Elementary
April Breakfast Menu
April Lunch Menu

Spokane Middle School & High School Menus
April Breakfast Menu
April Lunch Menu

Sandy Wilkinson - Food Service Director   
443-3502 Ext: 505          
Little Owls Learning Center
Highlandville Elementary school
Spokane Middle School
Spokane High School