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Principal Page

I want to welcome you to Spokane High School. The faculty and I have set a goal
to provide your child with the best possible academic, extracurricular, and social
experience they can possibly have under our guidance. To make this experience
happen we believe that there must be a strong partnership between all students, staff,
parents, and the Spokane community at-large. At Spokane High School we hold strong
to 3 basic expectations – Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible. Students will be
met with high expectations by their teachers, coaches, and club sponsors and we look
forward to helping them not only meet these expectations but to exceed them. The staff
of Spokane High School look forward to working with you to help you achieve your
goals for both the coming year and years to come.


I encourage you to initiate or continue your involvement with the school in as
many positive ways as possible. Reach out to faculty and staff and inquire what is
going on in the classroom and throughout the Spokane campus.

Kindest Regards,

Kent A. Doyle
Spokane High School Principal