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HES Counselor

Classroom Counseling Lessons

Welcome to my page! I am Sarah Crabtree, your elementary school counselor. Through weekly classroom character lessons, the students learn about.

* Character Education      * Feelings

* Bullying                                   * Safe/Unsafe Situations

* Cyberbullying                      * Stranger Danger

* Friendship skills                 * Problem-Solving

* School success                  * Goals

* Transitions                           * Careers 


Character Assemblies - Student of the Month

Each month we celebrate with a character assembly. During the assembly, we reward the students who have displayed the character trait for the month. The students who are recognized get an award and his/her picture taken for our character wall. Below is the list of character words the students learn throughout the school year during classroom character education lessons.

Monthly Character Words

* Teamwork    * Self-Discipline    

* Courage       * Compassion/Concern

* Respect        * Responsibility

* Courtesy       * Perseverance



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Other Resources

* Least of These  417-724-2500

* CC Counseling Services  417-725-8810

* Touch Stone Counseling  417-581-6911

* Hit no more  417-869-8332

* Family Violence Center  417-864-7233