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Principal Page


The faculty and staff would like to welcome you to Spokane Middle School, “Home of the Owls.” Spokane Middle School (SMS) is comprised of grades six through eight. Every effort has been made to provide you with opportunities which are needed so that you might develop your fullest potential. 

My promise to you is that Mrs. Justis and I will make every effort to the best of our abilities to personally promise that every student will receive fair, honest, and considerate treatment. Like any family, there are responsibilities, rewards, and consequences that have been prepared and approved in an attempt to establish a good foundation upon which we can build a successful school year. 

The faculty and staff encourage your parents to maintain a high level of involvement in your school experiences. When you know your parents are involved and concerned about your education, the learning environment will extend beyond the classroom walls. 
Welcome to Spokane Middle School.  ☺


Mr. Kent A. Doyle 

Spokane Middle School Principal