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Tax Rate Hearing Notice

Posted Date: 08/03/2022

Spokane R-VII School District

Tax Rate Hearing Notice


A public hearing will be held approx. 6:00 PM, August 25th, 2022 at Spokane Elementary School, 223 Kentling Avenue, Highlandville, MO 65669, at which time citizens may be heard on the property tax rates proposed to be set by the Spokane R-VII School District.

The tax rates are set to produce the revenues required from the property tax as shown in the budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2022. Each tax rate is determined by dividing the amount of revenue needed by the current assessed value. The result is multiplied by 100 so the tax rate will be expressed in cents per $100 valuation.


Assessed Valuation (by categories)



                                                Current Tax                             Prior Year

                                                Year 2022                               Year 2021


Real Estate                              $ 67,132,790                           $64,727,170

Personal Property                       20,648,516                             16,739,709   

                                                $ 87,781,306                           $81,466,877


The following tax rates are proposed:


                                                Amount of

                                                Property Tax               Property Tax

Fund                                Revenues Budgeted           Rate (per $100)

Incidental                                $2,413,986                  2.7500

Teachers                                  $              0                  0.0000

Capital                                     $   495,262                  0.5642   

Debt Service                            $   653,532                  0.7445

                                                $ 3,562,780                 4.0587


New Revenue from New Construction and Improvements:               $202,909

New Revenue from Reassessment:                                                     $16,629

Percentage of New Revenue from Reassessment:                              0.62%


*Actual amounts may be affected by state assessed property income and changes in valuations after Board of Equalization.

*These calculations are based on a collection rate of 100%.

*These numbers are subject to change by the State Auditor’s office.